May 07, 2003

I predict a huge win for Bush in 2004. Despite cutting reports of his "photo op," etc., I believe his wonderful character and obvious leadership skills shine through to the American people. He has showed us time and time again that he cares for the well-being of all. Day after day, I hear the pessimistic mantra of "we haven't found any chemical weapons yet." Just wait--we will find the stuff, and we already have, some of it anyway. We have liberated an oppressed nation! President Bush has successfully ousted two evil terrorists--and this is just the beginning. But despite these successes, polls continually show that the American people are more concerned about the economy. Understandable, with more people losing jobs all the time. Economic problems could be easily rectified, except for a few liberal problems in our house and senate, who are determined for our economy to be as bad as possible to reflect badly on this administration. Stand behind our President!


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