July 14, 2003

Here we go again.... The far left is so determined to keep Bush from reelection, they'll do anything to have their way. It makes me sick to see liberal networks (especially CBS, because I watch it the most) daily exporting their rotten views. Currently, they say Bush did not give the U.S. people the truth concerning Saadam Hussein's military capabilities. Here's what the liberal leadership doesn't want you to know: Bush had evidence, and plenty of it. Our military had proof that Saadam was hostile to the U.S., was developing advanced weapons of his own, and was supporting violent terrorist groups. We have proof that the UN, despite their nice efforts, were not finding anything, and would not find anything, but were rather getting in the way. Saadam kept a close eye on the inspectors, moved weapons out of sight from day to day, and made sure everything looked nice and peaceful. Sadaam used his "enemies" as lab rats to test new weapons! How dare anyone say that the Iraqi people were better off before we liberated them! Yet the media loves to call this a "constroversy", "conspiracy", etc. "What did the President really know???" they ask. After getting into Iraq, we found thousand of pages of documents that were hidden in the homes of Iraqi scientists, which described their research of weapons of mass destruction. Weapons do exist. Weapons will be found. He did a noble thing by liberating Iraq, and he was protecting the American people, as well (and please vote for him next time around)!


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