November 14, 2003

Uru release

This post is a bit late, but finally (as you probably already know) Uru: Ages Beyond Myst has been released (hopefully Uru Live will be available soon). A demo has been released, too (available from several places, I recommend Avault.)! I was amazed. The 3rd person movement system was a bit different, at first, almost frustrating (especially when I kept falling off the bridges in the cleft) but I grew used to it quickly. Josh Staub and all the other art folks at Cyan have really done an incredible job with the graphics! I searched the desert floor for a repeating texture and found none. The volcano (extinct) and the cleft were all incredibly well done, but the experience is much more interesting if you've read Myst: The Book of Atrus.

Mysthints is undergoing a large amount of redesign, so the Tripod ads won't clutter up the pages forever. I won't be doing Uru hints and walkthroughs, as UruObsession's library has all the help you'll need in Uru and Uru Live.

Also, Tim Larkin's Uru Soundtrack has begun pre-ordering today. Click here.

Hopefully good news for Myst-fan Mac users. This new article at The Idea Basket says that Cyan is pushing for a Mac version to be released as soon as possible. We can hope!

Happy Uru-ing! Enter the tree.


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