February 07, 2004

Uru Live Closing

Not sure what to say. It's good and bad news at the same time. As most of you already know, Cyan has had to shut down Uru Live for lack of subscribers (click here for more info). I know a lot of the folks over at Cyan are really upset about this, since they had very high hopes that Uru Live would do well. Not to mention all of the fans who are disappointed of the loss of the social interaction in Live.

I wasn't planning on signing up for Uru Live myself, but I did wish I could explore Ae'gura and future Ages Cyan would create. So I really like the compromise Cyan has made: expansion packs. The first one free? Not bad. Guess the adventure will continue after all.

Plus, I know many Mac users are excited to hear that a Mac version of Uru is now underway, and future expansion packs, hopefully, will have Mac versions as well.

D'ni lives. The ending has not yet been written....


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