March 30, 2004

Thoughts on Uru X1

Finished Uru X1 a few days ago. I decided to spill my take on it...

Quite impressive. I've heard lots of people on the boards whining about "nothing being there", and "is this a joke!?!" I thought the same thing, at first. But before filling the official forums with complaints, I decided to wait a delve a little further. What I found left me amazed.

I immediately fell in love with my new ability to take pictures with my stripped-down but never the less usable KI. I also was excited about getting some cargo pants, new shirts, etc. for my avatar. As far as puzzles go, I was really confused at first, but after a few hints (I know, I know, I'm the writer of a Hints and Walkthroughs site, right?) from Uru Obsession, I was amazed as the story continued and new places began to open up. When I finally discovered Ae'gura, all I could say was "wow..." (I'll leave it at that, so I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't gotten there yet). I'm sure this was bittersweet for beta testers and those who played the Uru Live Prologue, but it was amazing, none the less, to see all of the areas described in the Myst novels -- and so well done, too! Of course, the most exciting part is knowing that Cyan will continue the story and open up new areas and Ages with future xpacks.

However, there is the problem for those of you without broadband. A lot of people will be hesitant about downloading X1: "To D'ni" because of the size (174 mb) if they are on a dial-up connection. If you aren't willing to tie up your phone line for the better part of a day or more, beg a friend with broadband to download it (I recommend 3D Gamers - look under "Files for mission packs") and burn it to a CD. If you were disappointed with Uru Prime, X1 might change your mind...


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