April 28, 2004

Blog redesign

Here we go again. For a break from working on Mysthints, I redesigned this blog. Instead of stumbling through the code and just entering different color codes and trying all kinds of borders and styles by hand-coding the CSS and previewing the page, I actually put some planning into it this time and worked out the colors, fonts, layout and graphics in Photoshop first, then spliced it up, saved the graphics, then wrote the CSS. It does make it a lot easier -- I'll do that in the future. Only problem so far is the weird extra-wide page...must be an error in my code somewhere (I'll find it eventually).

If you've been here before, you should notice new graphics, a new Bush Blog logo (check it out!) and a "now listening section". Actually, I don't have a lot of CDs and I love free music files (but I do not steal music ;-) like Josh Staub's stuff (see link). I love his music, and I hope he does lots more. He has a lot of talent, in areas other than art and design. You'll also find some good Myst-style songs on Mysterium.ch like the Exile Trailer music and good songs that didn't end up being used in the game. Now, back to finishing Mysthints...

Check back often, and enjoy!


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