April 29, 2004

Iraqi Bloggers

This article, shown on Blogger.com, is a great example of what I've been trying to say. I think it's great that Iraqis have even gotten to join in the blogging phenomenon. This is something I wish liberals would pay attention to. Before, the Iraqi people could not speak their minds, even in their hometowns. Now they are free to speak their minds with their neighbors and friends, even post their thoughts for all the world to read. I love this closing quote: "I am not afraid," Ali says. "I was afraid all my life. I will not go back to living in fear." They do not have to fear any longer. The dictator is gone, along with his secret police, torture chambers, etc. How can people speak negatively of such a wonderful liberation? Such negativism is very unpatriotic, to say the least. Yes, the deaths of our troops are awful. Every death is a great tragety, because every life is precious in God's sight. But, imagine...because of our efforts there, and the relatively small sacrifice we have made in Iraq, we have saved many thousands, maybe millions of people from a life of fear. Are we so selfish that we are unwilling to sacrifice something ourselves in the name of a higher good?


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