April 24, 2004

More on Mysthints design/Feedreader

I posted some on this already on Mysthints News, but I've got a little more on it. I've had a lot of design problems...and, as I said, a quick check in Safari at the nearest Apple Store on a 12-in. iBook and a PowerMac G5 with a huge cinema display showed me a big layout problem -- the right content kept jumping under the right content...something that bugged me to death in IE 6 when I made the window too small...as well as the right and left content boxes shifting really weird under the header. I surfed a few CSS tutorials and found a "position:absolute;" tag that I think has fixed the problem, for the most part. If anybody, especially Mac users on OS X using Safari still have the content boxes shifting, (or other problems -- I noticed mousing over non-link text on some pages underlined huge portions (or a whole page) of text), and have any ideas on how to fix these problems or can recommend a good tutorial...

  • Go to Mysthints.tripod.com

  • Sign the guestbook, and include your OS, browser and version, the problem you notice, the link that's broken, etc., and any advice you can link me to. Thanks!

In other news...
I've been looking for a good news reader for awhile, and I decided to just grab a free one: Feedreader. Ironically, it doesn't support ATOM (which is the feed for Gahro). I guess they'll update that in awhile (don't ya just love open source?). Also, sadly, it isn't for Mac...you guys look elsewhere.


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