April 13, 2004

MYSTerium.ch Returns/Mysthints Update

MYSTerium.ch, the well-known and highly respected Myst fansite, hadn't been updated in two years. I was sad to see the "no updates until further notice" post back then, and I am overjoyed to see it return. The new design is awesome, too. This guy has waaay outdone me. Speaking of which, I'm having a few problems with the layout of Mysthints, and with time constraints, it might be a while longer before I get it up. Sorry about that unfinished Riven Walkthrough too...I didn't realize. I'm almost done re-working that page, though. Cyan and Ubi are keeping me so busy...I can't hardly finish working on pages for stuff that's already done because new Uru Xpacks are being released and Myst IV: Revelation is on the way (www.mystrevelation.com)!


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