May 12, 2004

More Myst IV News

Just saw this new info on Myst IV at's Myst IV page, and I'm getting really excited. So much happening at once! Here are some of the best highlights of the new overview for me.

- Decisions Directly Affect Gameplay and Outcomes: Decisions will dramatically affect the various storyline options along the way…including the ending!

- Photo-Realistic Graphics: Compelling and pristine graphics "come to life" through cutting-edge animation programming.

- Take Pictures: The ability to take pictures and record your findings in a journal will ensure that you don’t miss anything along the way.

- Interact with NPCs: Interacting with characters will help reveal secrets from the past that might lead to the truth you seek.

Hmm...just speculation, but I wonder if that thing about "cutting-edge" animation programing could involve Quicktime movies between hotspots, instead of fading effects. That would be cool, and another reason Ubi might've chose to put Myst IV on DVD. Also, Myst Obsession has posted lots of pictures and some stuff from E3. Wow.

And, on top of all this, Cyan will be publishing the Myst Reader, all three Myst novels in one volume, just days before Myst IV is released!


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