May 12, 2004

Myst IV: Revelation XP Screensaver

Well, I waited, defiantly refusing to sign up for one more thing (Gamespot) to see if somebody else would host it. Mystworlds put it up yesterday.

Well, I have to say it does look quite impressive. The graphics are stunning, so it's no surprise that this shot ("Haven's Swamp") won an E3 graphic award. What's nice is the screensaver has lots of images that haven't been released anywhere else (you'll only find a handful online). One of the Ages reminded me a bit of Edanna, too. The thing that really surprised me is the new creatures. I'm dying with curiosity to see how these will play into the game, like the Squee in Exile--only I must say some of these creatures look much weirder than the Squee. *Sigh*.... And so, we wait...


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