May 31, 2004

Starting Over

Few things make you feel more hypocritical than saying you talk about design on your blog, but you are using a pre-done template that you put no work into. That had to change.

Like Doug Bowman, I started out with a blank document, picked a few colors from Photoshop and did a few graphics (then later reworked them), then slowly started working on layout, setting widths, padding and margins. Then I pasted bits of my code into Blogger, and after about twenty re-publishings to work out some bugs, here it is. As far as fonts, I decided to just use Trebuchet for post/sidebar headers and post footers. As for colors, yes, I've (gasp!) stepped outside the bounds of the websafe color palette, as many others are doing.

So, here it is. Feel free to tell me what you think.


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