May 26, 2004

The StopDesign Redesign

A few weeks ago as I looked at, I wondered if and when Doug Bowman would think of redesigning his site. Don't get me wrong -- I loved the old design. As an aspiring designer trying to learn the ropes of CSS, his site was a great source of inspiration for me. He did an excellent job with typography, layout, color schemes, etc. However it was easy to get a bit discouraged looking at such a complex feat. Now, change is the only certainty.

In the past, I have experienced the feeling of wanting to "ditch it all and start over." A clean slate. A new design. Doug got the "ditch it" feeling too, and now we have a new as a result. So yes, Doug, we saw you jump. For me, at least, I think I understand why.

When I first saw the new design the first thing that hit me is "Hey, what happened?" Then I stopped and looked for a minute. The phrase that came to mind was "There is great beauty in simplicity." There were things that I missed, and there were new things that I liked better. I thought, "How far do you take simplicity? Will the lack of complexity turn away possible clients who might've been impressed by something more complex?" We'll have to wait and see. Then I read what he had to say.

I applaud Doug for his desire to get "back to the basics". I agree that many sites are getting to complicated...CSS can get so complex that it can be overwhelming. Nobody wants that. The new design is great, and easier on the eyes. It lacks the variety of color of the old design (though what color there is has been tastefully picked). I appreciated the connections to the old design, like similar link colors, the reoccurence of "Trebuchet", and the pictures in the header. So Doug, overall, I like it. Oh, and I really, really like the new logo.

So, how long will this new design last? What will be the result? Time will only tell.


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