May 25, 2004

What is Art?

I found this article from World Magazine to be very interesting. I definately agree that art is going down-hill, big time. You can't seperate morals and art. I think it's high time we get back to true art--but many "artists" need a philosophy adjustment before this can happen. I love Jeff Zeldman's words on his own recent redesign, titled "The Spring of our Hope."
Our world is fractured by hatred and killing, but it is also blessed with love, compassion, and understanding. With this redesign—because it is Spring, because I adore my wife and we have a child on the way—I wanted to invoke the hope we carry in our hearts. Hence soft, springtime colors and gentle contrasts. Not to deny the horror, but to assert that love, beauty, and kindness are also real and are as important as they ever were."


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