June 17, 2004

Designing With Web Standards

Right now I'm on page 101, the entry page to "XML Conquers the World". I know many reviewers on Amazon.com said to just skip the first 130 pages of the book, but I paid for 436 pages, so I was going to read the 436 pages.

So far, I have found the book to be unnecessarily wordy and repetitive. I agree with others in saying that "I know I need to design with web standards--that's why I bought the book! You don't have to tell me!" But, I have found some of the content so far to be helpful, so I don't recommend that you skip the first entire part of the book. But hopefully, the latter portion will be more informative.

One thing I've found particularly funny is how Zeldman says that the W3C, the creators of web standards like CSS (a design language), have one of the dullest and most ininspiring sites around, thus turning off designers to web standards and on to messy code, non-standard web development methods, and long download times for viewers. Thank goodness for talented designers like Zeldman and Bowman who encourage the use of web standards. Posted by Hello


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