June 03, 2004

Good Samples

Biz Stone's book, Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content, now has more sample pages (intro, contents, chap.17) for you to read. The book looks good, though mostly assumes the reader is using Blogger (not that I don't love it). Free Chapter 17 (Bloglet) looks interesting, though an e-mail post feature is already built into Blogger. Biz also has another book coming out soon, Who Let the Blogs Out?

You might also like the sample pages from Jeff Veen's book, The Art and Science of Web Design (grab your magnifying glass, though...we're talking tiny print, here). This sounds like a book a lot of designers need to read. Good stuff. Check it out.

Update: I know a lot of people have probably seen this already, but for those who haven't, another good sample is from Rebecca Blood's Weblog Handbook. She has a nice writing style and the sample pages provide a good background on what a blog is and where they came from.


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