June 30, 2004

Hacking the Blogger Matrix

This type of thing is why I love Blogger so much. We're very fortunate to have a company out there who is so connected with their users. They understand who their users are, and how to relate to them. Yay for Blogger! So let's hack the matrix.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. "Greg", I have noticed your blog for a while now and have decided now is the time to speak up... Explain to me exactly why watching Fahrenheit 9/11, or anything else proves your 'anti-freedom' sentiments. Movies are for entertainment, information and in short, time-killing. If I watch The Matrix does that mean that I am a hacker? Or if I watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang does that mean I own a flying car? Does my watching The Passion of the Christ prove my christianity? Of course not! My point is this: WHAT MOVIE YOU CHOOSE TO WATCH DOES NOT PROVE OR DISPROVE YOUR INTELLEGENCE OR PATRIOTISM, it simply means that you went to see a movie. And I can believe the message, or I can blow it off as nonsense. That however is MY choice, and that choice means nothing to how much I love freedom or anything else. I am curious to see how you will respond to this so please do so soon.


9:57 PM  
Blogger Ishtiaque Zico said...

Got your blog incidentally.

Yeah, you are very right about the blogger.

And your simple blog design is appreciable.

Go on, please.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Tato Pedrosa said...

One: I really don't see much point in your political views, dude. Bush is indeed a murderer, no matter what kind of wicked explanation he gives for his insane acts, or no matter how naive his competitors might be.

Two: I like your template, but have you ever considered getting rid of this Blogspot add? Easy to do. Just wrap you [body] tagline with a thing, and thre'yago!

1:41 PM  

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