June 18, 2004

Kerry's Limited View of American Security

This post on the official Bush Blog portrays a rather disturbing picture of Kerry. What's even more disturbing is knowing the truth behind it. For example, one statement by Kerry was that America's goal is "a stable Iraq, not whether or not [Iraq] is a full democracy." One could argue that Iraq was more stable before when Sadaam was in power. But under his dictatorship, people lived in terror, afraid to speak their minds, and thousands, possibly millions were being murdered by a ruthless man. It seems Kerry could care less. Does America really want such a man to be president? Seems that a few polls say not.

Despite the media's continued Bush-bashing and Kerry-supporting, I surely hope the American people will not be so foolish as to elect someone so vastly unqualified. And please, do not vote for Kerry out of bitterness against Bush -- you must have a better reason than that. Think of what Bush has accomplished for America, and start reading his blog. Hopefully, you'll see the light.


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