July 04, 2004

A Response

Here is my response to my previous commentor. Todd, I appreciate the feedback and I hope my response will be satisfying.

I guess I should clarify a past statement. Going to see "Farenheit 9/11" doesn't necessarily mean that you, yourself, are unpatriotic. Yes, it is totally up to you whether or not you agree with a movie's content. But here are a few other things I'd like to say...

A movie like Farenheit 9/11 is not purely for entertainment, like so many other movies, though some may have gone to see it for entertainment. Most people didn't need to read a review of Farenheit 9/11 to know what it was about -- all they had to do was turn on the evening news. So in this case, it's likely if you watched it you knew about the content and at least partially agreed with the message, which was nothing but a terrible bash-fest of our President, who has done so much for us. Mr. Moore even admitted that he stretched the facts to "present his view." And it isn't the first time.

Plus, think of the impact of your presence. If you stand in line for such a movie, you are simply one more person that appears to agree with the message and support it to all those around you. You may not care about that. But you are also one more person handing a few more bucks to Mr. Moore, simply adding to his already extravagant wealth, which allows him to further fight for his far-left cause. Do you really want to do that? I wouldn't, but that's your call.

Update: In a smaller response to Tato, let me just say I don't think Bush is a murderer. That's what Sadaam would like you to think. Yes, any death is terrible. But if we let terrorists like Sadaam and those he supports run free, much, much more innocent blood will be spilt. However, if we destroy the evil aggressors, millions, like those in Iraq, will be spared from tyranny, torture, and death. Who is the murderer?


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