August 26, 2004

John Kerry...scared?

The new TV ads by SwiftBoat Vets for Truth and the now no. 1 bestseller Unfit for Command seem to be making John Kerry nervous. I can't help but notice a few things. For one, why doesn't he come out and clear his record? He doesn't seem to have anything to say but "pull the ads". And another funny thing about this thing with 527 political ads -- why did Kerry start complaining about them after the SwiftBoat Vets started advertising? Why wasn't he concerned with the TONS of 527s that were attacking Bush?

Bottom line, I think both sides should have the right to speak out. We still do have a first amendment in this country, though Kerry seems to have forgotten about it. All he can do is whine when he doesn't get his way. Also, I'm very upset with President Bush for coming out cowering to the liberals with John McCain when he should be upholding freedom of speech. As if Campaign Finance wasn't bad enough.


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