September 23, 2004

Apple Enjoys the Spotlight

For years, people have been saying Apple is going out of business. That doesn't look like it's happening. The Boston Herald, Time (iMac G5 earned Gadget of the Week), and PCMag (Five-star Review, earned PCMag's Editor's Choice) are just a few of the recent reviews of Apple's newest desktop. It's making heads turn, to say the least.

The result? Right now Apple's stock value is about $37 a share. Microsoft? $27. And while Philip Schiller gave Apple's Keynote address at Apple Expo Paris talking about the upcoming Mac OS X Tiger with it's impressive new features, Microsoft's Longhorn won't be showing up until 2006 -- and when it does it will be lacking some of it's most anticipated features. If Microsoft doesn't get busy, we're going to be seeing a lot more switchers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, the fact remains that I am a PC tech and if PCs go out of buisness then so do I! So I for one am hoping that Microsoft can keep going strong. As for Apple? I've nothing against them, and they are well made quality machines, but PCs aren't trash just yet.

At least I hope and pray they aren't!


6:47 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

No, no. I'm not saying PCs are trash at all (I use one), and I don't want PCs to go out or you and thousands of other PC techies to lose your jobs or anything. I just mean Apple's on the ball big time, as far as improving things faster than Microsoft. I'm sure they're keeping a close eye on Apple, though -- Gates seems to like some of their strategies (for example, the new MSN Music Network).

9:25 PM  

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