September 14, 2004

CBS In Trouble

The more I watch the CBS Evening News, the more I'm totally disgusted. Dan Rather just loves to impose his far left-wing slant on the whole country...night...after night. It's nothing but a thirty minute Bush-bashing commercial for John Kerry (and it can run all year long, one reason why campaign finance reform doesn't work). What I've been particularly disgusted with recently is this thing about Bush's military record.

But, hey whoa, why do they jump on the Bush story like flies, saying this is big news, but when tons of people are saying John Kerry got his purple hearts from self-inflicted wounds (by shooting himself in the fanny with a piece of rice, among other things), then lied about what when on when he got back and said his fellow soldiers (as well as himself) were war criminals, yet now every time he opens his mouth it's something about the great service to his country in Vietnam -- Dan Rather and the rest of the mainstream media ignore it? Which is the bigger story? Which has more proof to back it up? The SwiftBoat Vets served with Kerry -- they should know.

The important thing is, now CBS is paying for their media bias...only this time it doesn't seem to be just bias. This Glenn Reynolds post shows how we bloggers seem to be better reporters than Dan Rather and his crew are (give us a big hug now). The documents they used to support their claims that Bush didn't do his duty look like they're forged. Time to fess up, Dan.

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