October 28, 2004

The Lie

So we have this New York Times story that says we got some weapons stolen out from under our noses in Iraq, which just gave ammo for Kerry (pretty obvious that this was the Times' aim in writing the whole thing), and Kerry is now being even uglier and accusing Bush of enormous incompetence, yadda yadda. He's becoming a raving lunatic out there. Now we find out the whole story was bogus. This wasn't Bush's fault--more likely it was the UN's--because there was at least a timeframe of almost month before we went into Iraq when the stuff could have been stolen. This stuff did not just disappear a little at a time out from under our noses...this stuff would have to have been carried out constantly by tractor trailers for days on end. Don't blame Bush for this. It just shows that Kerry will do and say anything to get elected. Do you want that kind of man in the White House?

Check out this article: Truth Detector: Fraudulent Times Story Keeps Changing, Bush Hits Kerry for Blaming America First


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