November 02, 2004

The Firefox Switch

I've been using IE 6 for a good long while now. Frankly, it's bloated, aging, and soon will kick the bucket and become a fading memory for millions. Either Microsoft gets to work or the world switches to something better. Well, Microsoft was just moving too slow for me (and obviously 7 million other people...). I made the switch the Firefox and I can already recommend it. It's way better than IE, especially because of tabbed browsing...a real plus. Reminds me of Safari, only on a PC. Sweet stuff. Grab it now, people: Mozilla Firefox.

I know with election results and everything coming in this is a weird time to post this, but I arguably couldn't help myself ;-)


Blogger Deg said...

Welcome to Firefox! Isn't it awesome? I'm enjoying tabbed browsing and live bookmarks. It seems Firefox is catching on too. :)

11:46 AM  
Blogger Greg said...

Hey Deg, good to hear from ya! Yeah, Firefox is awesome, except I realized Firefox users (and I'm guessing Mozilla and Safari users, and who knows who else) is seeing a terribly messed up version of my Mysthints site. Looks like I've got some bad coding problems to work out.

6:54 PM  

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