November 27, 2004

The Future of Cyan Worlds

Cyan recently posted a message that has fans talking again. Mac users have been asking if and when a Mac version of Uru would be released for some time now. Nobody has been able to give a really definate answer. The final answer? No. I feel sorry for Mac users who played games from the Myst Series and wanted to play Uru. I'm sure most of you would've liked it (maybe not as much as the others), but I'm sure some Mac users would complain if they saw how different Uru was from Cyan's approach in Myst or Riven.

In comparison to the easy point-and-click interface of the Myst Series, the controls were tricky, the story was less of a driving force (mostly because Uru was originally designed to be a massively multiplayer online game, with an open-ended storyline), puzzles were sometimes illogical and required a frustrating amount of precision walking, running, and jumping. Some fans were disappointed that Cyan ditched prerendered graphics in favor of a real-time engine allowing free movement. But in the end, I think we can say Uru had many fun and memorable moments, and was a learning experience for all of us--but especially for Cyan.

Cyan has given only brief occasional mention of their current project (code-named "Something Else"), and they even seem to have begun the next project after "Something Else." Although we know little about these projects, we now know that Cyan has chosen a different physics engine than the one used in Uru (so hopefully "Something Else" will be Mac compatible). Fans who asked about visiting Ages like Noloben (which was featured in one of the first Uru screenshots) may still get to visit these new worlds, but hopefully with even better graphics, better puzzles, and more of that great Myst story...on PCs and Macs.


Blogger james said...

Poor Mac users. I can sympathize. I got Uru, waited a million years to get it (for some reason it was sent to Best Buy), and then it didn't work on our computer. Waah. Ooooh, woe is me!
Mmkay, enough self pity. Cool blog, it's nice to see fellow Myst fans. :)

11:27 PM  

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