December 02, 2004

In Conclusion

After recently finishing Jeffrey Zeldman's Designing with Web Standards, I can say that it's not only worth the money but an invaluable resource for any web developer. True, as I said in a previous post, the beginning is a bit repetitive and shallow--telling the reader to embrace standards (that's why we bought the book, anyway)--but I need to clarify and say that once you get into stuff like doctype switching and standards mode, info on xhtml and css, the various problems with different browsers and helpful workarounds, you'll be sure to reference it often. I sure am. I'm a bit confused with some of this accessibility stuff and I still have no clue what the DOM is, but I'm learning.

Right now I'm working on fixing up some of those freakin problems with Mysthints that Firefox (and probably Mozilla, Safari, etc.) users are experiencing. I can type everything up, preview it in IE 6 like I always did, and everything's looks clean and crisp. But Firefox was built to support standards from the ground-up, which means that the problems are my fault. Thanks to Zeldman's book and ALA, the problems are almost solved. Now if I could just get some time to finish up the Uru hints.

On another note, Zeldman has a new (and slightly funny) short keynote video from Web Essentials '04 online at Happy Cog.


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