January 06, 2005


The Dems are grilling Gonzales. Why are they putting up such a fuss? I don't think they really care so much about prisoner's rights as much as the fact that Alberto supports Bush. And they just can't let a Bush supporter go in without being nasty about it.

I think the main argument the liberals have against Gonzales--that he approved of so-called torture of prisoners--is a poor one, at best. I'm not saying I approve of some of the things we've done to our prisoners, but it's a stretch to call it torture. It's not like we were beating them or breaking bones. Some people have said "But we were treating them like animals!" Let me remind you that these prisoners are no better than animals if they get joy out of killing innocent people. We shouldn't hesitate in using a little intimidation if it means saving American lives.

Funny thing is they are the ones always talking about being bipartisan and the need for unity, blah blah blah. Bush and other republicans have worked hard to be unified (sometimes I think too much so), but the democrats are never happy and never willing to concede anything to Bush, instead just throwing him more criticism and disrespect.


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