January 11, 2005

Myst V: End of Ages

Today Mystworlds posted that Cyan Worlds will be bringing the final installment of the Myst series, Myst V: End of Ages, this fall.

Personally I think this is a smart move for Cyan. Sounds like some of the content originally developed for Uru will be released in this new grand finale, while possibly still leaving the door open for more games based on the D'ni empire (like Uru). I think realtime 3D technology has come far enough that Cyan can actually end the Myst series with it and do it well. Keep watching Mystworlds and other sites like Myst Obsession and the Ubi forums (Uru, Myst IV) for the official Ubi press release and more info. Hopefully we'll have a screenshot or two soon...

Update: Man, things are going fast. Ubi has given the official press release for Myst V, and a small teaser site is up at the new official domain--http://Myst5.ubi.com, which has a few new screenshots. Man, this is absolutely gorgeous...Cyan is really putting some work into this (thank you guys!!). But better yet, Myst Obsession has a new Myst5 gallery up with hi-resolution versions of the now released screenshots (they make great desktop backgrounds!) There's also a new official Myst V forum over at Ubi where you can chat with me and other Myst fans.

Oh yeah, and Ryan Dobson is engaged! Congrats, man!


Blogger james said...

What?? They're at it again!!?! RRrggh...I hope our family gets a better computer between now and the fall, 'cause I GOTTA GET ME THIS!

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