February 06, 2005

Napster vs iTunes

Here you will find one of many, many articles talking about the new Napster deal. The iPod and iTunes have been great successes for Apple. And iPod or not, anybody can download iTunes, log onto a cool-looking music store, quickly find the stuff you want, and get it for 99ยข a song.

Now Napster says, "For just 15 bucks a month, you can download 10,000 songs from us! You could only get 15 songs for that on Apple! We 'da bomb!" Or something close to that. Get real. I mean, one of the reasons the iPod Mini (1,000 songs, versus the iPod's 10,000) has been that most people don't have a music library with over 1,000 songs. You may have more than that, but nobody downloads 10,000 songs a month. Or if they are, they need a life.

Update: iPod fans...did you play with Legos as a kid? Check this out. Oh, and you might want to read what the Magic 8 ball has to say about all this music madness.


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