February 04, 2005

State of the Union

I was totally pumped after hearing Bush's State of the Union address Wednesday night. To hear the stuff he said and not support him...I just can't fathom. What he said just made sense. Plus, he was more confident, forceful and passionate than I've ever seen him. Gotta be his best speech yet. Then to see the democrats just sitting there when the other side of the place was on their feet and going wild, yeesh. The libs talk all the time about "being bipartisan" and "the need for unity". We've tried. Honestly, we have. Sometimes too much. But they're never happy. They continue to act like immature spoiled children who will stop at nothing to get their way (I'm talking about left-wing libs and democrat leaders, here. I know there's some good people who vote liberal). It really ticked me to hear the democrats' response afterwards, whining that we "aren't hearing answers" and "we can do better." I'd like to know how.

Bush wants, to an extent, privatize social security. The democrats had the audacity to boo him when Bush said in a few years the social security system would go bankrupt, yet some of these same people were cheering Clinton when he suggested much the same plan years before! They aren't pro-anything. They're just anti-Bush. That doesn't solve anything.

We've just seen the first real elections in Iraq in eons. During the president's address, we saw an emotional Iraqi woman nearly sob as she gave the victory symbol, and later embrace the mother of a fallen American soldier. Very moving, to say the least. And from what we've been seeing, the majority of Iraqis are standing for their freedom, too. We are making big progress here. We're working for a higher good.

The democrats just want more big government. They want to be the elite. Even though the mass media is dominated by unbelievably biased liberals, I hope people can see for themselves who really has answers.


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