February 23, 2005

Today Apple revamped their iPod Mini line (above)--they're now available in 4gb and 6gb models (1,000 and 1,500 songs, respectivally), and now start at $199 instead of the former $249 price. Smart move. With the exception of the silver model, the iPod Mini now comes in some brighter, flashier colors. Can't say I totally like the new look, but they're still way cooler than most music players on the market. The new iPod Shuffle is impressive, but I'd still opt for the control and storage of the iPod Mini.

Plus, they dropped the iPod Photo down to $349 and added a 30gb model (still pricey to me, but if it's what you need, it's cool). Apple's on the ball.
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Blogger Deg said...

My mom just got a new iPod Shuffle for Valentine's day. Hopefully I'll be able to check it out this weekend. Although I'll probably miss the LCD a bit, the Shuffle was definately in my price range. Apple's really owning the MP3 market. I just wish you could store any filetype on the iPod.

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