March 28, 2005


Ok, thus it begins—Ryan Dobson's first Undone webcast is up. Cool. Good luck man (hope to see that 2Live4 art soon, too). Yeah, and I'm glad the mustache is gone ;-).

Update: Just got around to listening to it. Interesting stuff—Terri Schiavo (I'm with Ryan, there. Her husband's a dirtbag.), the Passion of the Christ edit, and Ryan's caffeine withdraw (who knew you could love Diet Coke that much?!). Cool interview with rising artist Todd Cooper. He plays bass in two bands: As for Hank Floyd, the mention of "country" freaked me but "Going home" was great (if Ryan posts the song mp3s later grab that one), and as for My Red Hot Nightmare, "Insider" was way too punk-rock for me. I was grateful for the ability to click and skip around in iTunes 'bout then...punk is so annoying. But overall, great opening show. Keep em coming, bro.


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