April 12, 2005

The Big Day

Wow, things stay quiet for awhile, then boom, everything happens.

Today Apple launched the countdown for Mac OS X Tiger and used the new black "spotlight" theme to make Tiger the focus of the homepage. Tiger includes a beautiful new default desktop background (plus a few extra new ones, from what I hear), plus some killer features and improvements—most notably Spotlight and Dashboard. Go to the new features section and click on any one that interests you and you'll find a link to a cool quicktime video highlighting that particular feature (check out some of those Dashboard widget animations!). Hopefully we'll see some great new hardware just after the release too.

The other big item is the Myst V feature in a recent PC Gamer magazine. MystObsession has a scanned version of a new screenshot up you'll want to check out. It looks amazing. From the article, it sounds like Cyan will be throwing in both point-and-click and free movement 3D modes in Myst V to satisfy everyone. Can't wait.


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