April 15, 2005

If there was doubt in my mind that Cyan could not make a killer ending to the Myst series, it's gone now. Myst Obsession has some breathtaking new screenshots in their Myst V Gallery that really show once and for all how incredible the graphics will be (look at those clouds!!). Great texturing, an obvious improvement there over Uru. It's pretty clear now that Myst V will be exclusively first-person (no complaints here) and will make use of the familiar hand cursor from realMyst. Amazing stuff. Posted by Hello

Update: These images have also been added to Cyan's Official Myst V Gallery. MystObsession also reported a new very interesting preview article at WorthPlaying (caution, there's a few spoilers). Sounds like we'll be seeing more of Yeesha, and a new character that will be our sidekick (cool!), both of which will be computer-generated, not live actors. The mention of motion tracking for more realistic body movement and facial expressions sounds awesome. Plus, it sounds like we'll be seeing plenty more creatures, too. The article has more info on control choices, system requirements, and more. The more I hear, the better it sounds.


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