April 08, 2005

Post Recover

I can't help but say a gigantic thank-you to the entire Blogger team for creating the post recover feature. You guys are the bomb.

Ok, I know I've mentioned this before, but have any of you guys noticed how Apple is really trying to get the Switch campaign started up again? Before, it was just one post on the Hot News page after the Mac Mini was released. But that post keeps getting bumped up to the top, and now they've even added the plea for stories to their Students page. But no new stories yet. Are they having a hard time getting switchers to write in, or are they saving up a bunch to unleash at once? Maybe working on some new commercials?


Blogger Deg said...

Woohoo! Post recover!
It's about time! My Revelation Journal has suffered from 3 or 4 lost posts.

6:03 PM  

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