April 06, 2005


Zeldman has a new post up about his new blog, Apartness, describing what it feels like to be a normal blogger, and why he chose Doug Bowman's Minima template instead of one of his own. I agree, the Minima template probably has been the most successful of Blogger's pre-designed templates. I think it does an affective job of doing what it's supposed to do: focus the reader on your thoughts, your message, without getting in the way. It supports the message instead of distracting from it. That's one reason I chose to start with the Minima template, then edit it slightly more to my liking (more to the style of Six Apart's Plain Jane Movable Type 2 template). I tried to study up on color, and realized how much color communicates ideas and emotion. White is basic, and symbolizes purity. Every time I tried a different color, it didn't seem like it fit, so white stuck. I opted for a more nature-themed green for links and headings instead of blue, creating a balance between technology and nature. As for fonts, though I think Doug's choice of Georgia is striking, I felt that 11 point Verdana more suited the personality and look I wanted to communicate—easy to read, slightly more technical and modern. Every time I try to add graphics, I find them intrusive and unnecessary (for now, anyway). Minmal design is great for blogs. You're the man, Doug. So what do you think? Is minimal design too simplistic and unprofessional, or appropriate and drawing?


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