May 06, 2005

The Death of PC Gaming

Well, ok, maybe not death...but it is dying out to some extent. First Ghost Recon 2 was made for XBOX, Gamecube, and PS2. Now this—no Revenge of the Sith for PC. Now that really stinks. It's just one more step away from PC gaming and one step toward console gaming. I can empathize with PC gamers wanting more control over their game and (sometimes) a little fancier graphics. But I can also see why publishers are falling in love with consoles. They're way cheaper than a whole PC, and since they stay the same (unlike a PC that has unlimited variations), it's easier to develop games for a console. Plus, consolers don't have to go buy a bunch of expensive cards and figure out how to upgrade their PCs just to play the latest and greatest game at a good framerate. Guess I better keep my eye out for the XBOX 360 (lemme hear it—who thinks that's a cheesy name?). I guess I am starting to put PCs (for me, a Mac...someday) into the creative catagory, consoles into the gaming catagory. How do you like the trend?

Update: Ok, so not only is the name atrocious, but it's freakin' ugly, too. Show me a PS3, Sony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


For me I use PS2 for most of my gaming anyway. I mostly use my PC for old games (roms) and occasional stuff that was on another console (like KotOR).

I guess it does stink though if you only have a PC. But it could be worse! You could only have a Mac... ;-)

Games are just more fun on the PS2, the controls are more concise and you don't have to worry about compatibility, hard drive space, crashes, or anything. When you get a PC game it may or may not work. When you get a PS2 game, it's gonna work 99.99999999999999% of the time.

And just for the record, XBOX 360 does sound ridiculously stupid...


5:35 AM  
Blogger Deg said...

I prefer PCs over consoles because with a PC you can:
1) Save your game
2) Connect to play multiplayer over the Internet
3) Use WASD/mouselook control

Well, it looks like the consoles have caught up in 2 out of the 3. Plus add a bonus for consoles being easier to develop for and less expensive to buy.

Why hasn't PC gaming died out yet?

10:38 AM  

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