May 24, 2005

The Intel Switch?

Reuters has resurfaced the old "Apple switching to Intel processors" rumor. Since this has been talked about a lot before and never materialized, it remains unlikely but I think has a bit more chance at this point than in the past. The article sparked a truckload of posts over at MacRumors--mostly negative. True, a switch would mean Apple and other developers of Mac-only software would have to rewrite everything to make their software compatible with Intel processors. But if they switched, it could open up a wealth of other software and games, making people much more likely to switch. Also factor in probable price drops in Apple's hardware, and a speed boost improving performance across the board...I can see Apple being tempted by this. I would feel sorry for IBM of course, but if nothing else, maybe these talks will make them get on the gun with their processor development.


Blogger Deg said...

If it means that I can enjoy the mass number of programs that Windows has on the stability of an OS that Mac has, then it's good news to me!

3:13 PM  

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