May 16, 2005

PS3 - It's Coming

Just like 30 seconds ago, Gamespot posted the very first sneak peak of the Playstation 3 (slideshow). Sweetness, baby! The looks of that thing put the 360 to shame! Though it says the design is subject to change, it's kinda cool they're using the Spiderman font, though it might look a bit more consistent if they did a "PS3" symbol similar to PS2, but either way it's awesome. Go Sony.

Update: The specs are out. Looky J, the controlers (up to 7) are bluetooth! And it's using Blue-Ray DVDs! Think of the Final Fantasty you could fit on one of those whoppers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where were the specs at that site? I couldn't find them... Maybe I'm just dumb... ;-)

Ok, so it's finally coming, but seriously, did they have to make it that weird looking? I mean, it's got a rounded top! Wazzup with that? You can't put stuff on top of it or anything now. (not that I put anything heavier than games on it before) I do like the blue-tooth control (though I couldn't find where it said that) but the control looks crazy, what's with those big long handles?!

Oh well... Later


3:57 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Maybe I should put the lines back under the might be hard to see, but "specs are out" is actually a link to the page at Gamespot.

Sony probably went with the rounded look for much the same reason as Microsoft: rounded edges and curves are the look of the future, which they felt was more appropriate for a next-gen console. I thought the "boomerang" controller looked kinda weird too, but I have a feeling gamers will get used to it. It's good they went for a "rounder" feel...looks a bit more comfy than the previous version. We'll see.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The full page didn't load for me earlier, I saw the link. Dang, that thing is powerfull!

And as for the 'rounded, futuristic look' that is more 'comfortable' the PS2 control was perfect in pretty much every way, this one may be slightly more comfortable, but the looks trade off may not be worth it...

10:38 PM  

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