June 04, 2005

Episode III

Finally got around to seeing Star Wars: Episode III last Friday with a group from my church. Actually, we started off at 10am and watched Episode I, then got about 3/4 through Episode II before racing like nuts to the theater. So here's my 2¢ (there's some spoilers, for those that haven't seen it yet).

From the very start, it was awesome. Way, way more action than the other five. For the first time, I really felt like I was in the middle of a galactic war. Tons of explosions, fighters flipping all over the place, and several lengthy lightsaber battles (big plus). As for the quality of the movie itself, I would say it was the best one of the six. As for content, it was probably no.2 or 3. My buddy Joe told me how it was much darker than the others, like all the other reviews I'd read/heard. I thought, "Oh sure, of course it's darker. I mean, if you've seen the others, you know what's going to happen." But despite George Lucas's falling-shorts (you know what I mean) when it comes to scriptwriting, there's actually been enough character development with the past two movies that I felt really sick seeing Anakin go...you know, evil. When everything goes squirrley and jedi start getting cut down, then you see the scenes with Mace Windu and Anankin's visit to the Jedi temple...it's just sad. By the end, after seeing the empire taking over, Anakin turning on Padme and finally getting...er...a bit chopped and fried, it was definately the most depressing of the series. I didn't have the endurance to watch Episodes IV-VI (actually, the rest of the group broke up after no.5), but it would've been nice to not end on such a dark note. But even still, it was an awesome, very intense and pretty emotional movie. It was definately worth a few bucks to see on the big screen.


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