June 19, 2005

We're Schizophrenic Now

self portrait

Say hello to my other self. Note his cool retro Blogger T.

On another (slightly late) note, Josh Staub's short film The Mantis Parable won Best Animation at the Winnipeg film festival and got 4th runner up for best short at the Seattle international film festival! Congrats, Josh!


Blogger Deg said...

Cool sketch! I didn't know you were so go at art. I want this gym tee: http://shop.doublefine.com/productimages/ash_shirt.gif

I also *REALLY* wanna see Josh's film.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Thanks! This was just kind of a quick thing for fun, tho the coloring took a little work.

Mantis looks awesome. Josh is so good at prerendered stuff it makes me a little worried that Cyan is doing the wrong thing with M5, especially when I saw this screenshot. Josh is kind of my idol...he's an incredibly talented artist and a great musician, too.

12:50 PM  

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