August 17, 2005

Gaza Pullout

Bush, Ariel Sharon, or just about anybody who agreed with the idea of the Jews being forced out of Gaza is just totally, completely insane. The Jews have a right to the land, and have had the right to it for thousands of years. Seeing these people dragged from their homes like animals, screaming and crying, only to let hate-filled Palestinians move in is heart wrenching and utterly discouraging. The Palestinian's have made it all too clear many, many times: they do not just want the land. They will never be satisfied with land. They want the Jews. Dead Jews, as many as they can get. I can't believe Bush can't see this, even when Arafat, the "father" of the Palestinian people, was a radical terrorist and vowed to destroy Israel, stirring his people up to radical acts of violence. Although this may lead to future fulfillment of Bible prophecy, the Gaza pullout is tragic and will solve nothing, mark my words. I stand with the Jews.


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