August 31, 2005

While I'm glad to see a bit more content to, I notice a few problems right off. First off, the biggest problem is the "sneak peak" about the Limited Edition. Though on the US site, we seem to have again tied things up (making me wonder why on earth, for the sake of simplicity and reduced jealousies, Ubisoft didn't make one LE in the first place). The US box is shown, the UK contents are listed, and the link leads to the Ubisoft UK store. The "download demo" link in the top bar leads to the Ubisoft Myst V Forums. The other thing that really bugged me was the use of the Ubisoft trailer clips in the intro and the use of "Ubi" Escher in graphics instead of Cyan's in-game version. Text in places is broken and repeats, and some of the screen shots either repeat others or don't seem to even belong in the gallery (some of Steven Martiniere's concept art, for example).

The other strange thing is the use of the Myst III music on the main page for Noloben. I doubt they're reusing the music in-game, but seeing the scenery and hearing Jack Wall's masterful clip makes me wish he had done the music, or at least did it together with Tim Larkin. (Edit: Ok, maybe not completely. Tim Larkin has released four cool new Myst V sample mp3's on his website. Not as polished or haunting as Jack's stuff, but impressive).

The site isn't quite as intuitively laid out as the Myst IV site, but it's mostly acceptable and it's an improvement over the mini-site. Hopefully some of these problems will be fixed soon.


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