September 12, 2005

Brown Steps Down

The news is in. FEMA director Michael Brown is resigning his position. This is obviously the result of media's incessant bashing of both President Bush and FEMA's response in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Rush makes a good point—Brown has to step down for this yet Kofi Annan gets to stick around? Give me a break. Why don't people see that it's the local leadership are the one's we should be blaming here. They knew a catagory four storm was on the way and they had tons of city buses sitting around to get people out, yet they told people that transportation would be self-provided. They had food after the storm, but didn't hand it out because they were afraid that non-victims would get it. Yet they blaim the White House, and accuse Bush of being a black-hater! The liberal media is going absolutely crazy once again. And right now, they're rejoicing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol typical media, always trying to break the rules in dishonest ways to make our existence seem poisen. Who is breaking the rules here?

12:18 AM  

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