September 02, 2005

Goodbye, Cyan

I vividly remember when a friend of mine brought over the very first edition of Myst, years ago when I was really young. We had fun playing it together, and I always got a thrill every time I heard that "toy-like" Cyan introduction. Then I got my own copy for a gift. Then Riven, and subsequent titles. I got the Book of Atrus free in my first Myst, Myst Masterpiece Edition. The incredible depth and beauty of Myst's visuals and epic story just absolutely blew me away. I got the Book of D'ni out of our public library and just became even more enthralled with Rand Miller's storytelling ability and Cyan's creative genuis. I remember following Cyan's secretive journey of "Mudpie" and how it developed into what we now know as Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. I shared in Cyan's sorrow when Uru Live was unsuccessful. I rejoiced when I heard they would be finishing the series with Myst V: End of Ages, yet worried about what might become of them at the end.

And now, Cyan Worlds, Inc. is closing their doors. I remember how devastated I was when Presto Studios closed their doors, not long after the release of Myst III: Exile. After exploring their creative works and seeing the hours they put into it in behind-the-scenes videos, reading their journals on the old Myst III website and corresponding with Susan Weyer in the legal department, I felt a profound attatchment to the team. When I heard they had all been laid off and had gone their seperate ways, it felt like the close of a chapter.

This feels somewhat akin to the close of an epic. Having watched, read, listened to, corresponded with, and written about so many members of the Cyan team, it's heartbreaking to see the end of the greatest adventure game company in history, the creators of the first truly successful PC-CD entertainment. To Rand and Ryan Miller, Josh Staub, Tim Larkin, Richard Watson, and so many others, I'm sad with you and thank you so much for the amazing adventures you've created. They are like none other. You're some of the most talented, imaginative people out there and I wish you all the best as you go your seperate ways. I'll never forget you guys.

"...perhaps the ending has not yet been written..."

Note that there is a very slim, but possible chance that if we can buy enough Myst stuff Cyan will have enough cash to hire some people back. Everybody go buy the Myst V: EoA Limited Edition this September!


Blogger Toria said...

Such a tragedy. Yes, somehow, we have to find the goodness in it all. The fact that we were lucky enough to have Cyan at all, to create these worlds, these images, these games to entertain us. It's hard I know, but as the shock wears off, it'll become easier to remember the good times. My best wishes to all the Myst community as we deal with this blow. We will live on, in the friendships we've made. The community will live.

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... That must really stink for you... I know I'd hate it if Square closed shop.

I didn't know Presto worked on the old Myst stuff, all I ever played of theirs is Journeyman...


5:57 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Presto Studios was chosen to produce Myst III: Exile when Cyan said they didn't want to do it. They were picked largely because of their work on the Journeyman Project series, which was about as good a second to Myst as you could get back in the early days. Not thought to be the best by many fans, but it was still a sweet game and worthy of the title.

6:21 PM  

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