September 22, 2005

You Goat to See This

Eric and Manny are two very, very talented guys who used to work at Cyan Worlds but are now unfortunately unemployed. Back in January, they started PandaXpress, a hillarious, extremely well done web comic filled with all the wacky randomness you can handle (does a little girl on a search for her dad with a cyborg-panda, an eccentric british agent, a roller-skating-ninja-bashing disco guy, and an evil goat who drives a taxi and lives at the bottom of the sea sound like enough for you :-) ?). I read some of it awhile back, then recently returned and read the whole thing in one day. Good stuff, check it out! (Good luck on your job search, guys!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? no link?

5:50 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Whoops... ;-|

1:02 PM  

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