November 15, 2005

NFS Most Wanted Demo

Hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. But instead of suppressing your anxious fears of bird flu, I must post an overdue mention of the Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo (guess this should be of the full game by this time, but I'm saving my dough for necessities).

My initial impression was just "whoa." It's one of the first for a long time to really exceed my expectations. The graphics are stunning and run with no slowdown, even on my slightly dated system. The blur effects really made me feel like, for the first, time I was going insanely fast. It gets my adrenaline going like few things do. I was even more surprised when I spent some time driving around and realized just how huge the map was—sprawling mainstreets, sidestreets, giant stretches of interstate, country roads, and great little side areas like the golf course. Adios to the small, repeating tracks of yesteryear. But your blood won't really get going until you try the roadblock-smashing pursuit challenge. Having nine cops on my tail, then seeing my Viper slamming into a couple cops at 170mph, in slo-mo, and watching them go airborne, wow (but hey, I'm all for cops in real life, right Bobby?). Yes, it's bit more aggressive than the past titles, hence the Teen rating. But it's all good, so long as a little session doesn't make you want to do something crazy when you go out to work the next morning. Maybe go rest with a nice Solitudes CD in between those long races.

NFS MW Demo.


Blogger Deg said...

I've been addicted to that demo over Thanksgiving as well. It's got me really excited for next-generation games. I'm not sure if I'm going to buy it, but that demo is a blast!

8:41 PM  

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