December 30, 2005

Narnia Update

I heard somebody say a few days after the release they thought they were "the last person on the net to see it." Wrong. I must be. I hope to go in a day or two, and I'm getting really pumped. I read the book like four or five years ago, but I just finished reading the book again last night (the paperback tie-in edition. Christmas present!). The book was great, but I can't wait for the movie!

Check out the music video of Stephen Curtis Chapman's special single, "Remembering You". Click here, then click on Music. Great stuff.

In Review: It was great! The acting, directing, battle scenes, music, all very well done.

The choice of actors for Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, the White Witch (and her little dwarf—perfect! If you've seen the Behind the Scenes of the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition you'll know him well...) were all very well picked and the acting exceeded my expectations. And, in my opinion, Liam Neeson was a perfect pick for Aslan, despite some people's complaint that he sounded too gentle since he's "not a tame lion." My only acting-related complaint was the more modern-day sound of the dialogue as compared to the more old-english sound in the book (not that I would've chosen them to follow it too closely, however), which I found occasionally to be distracting from the movie's immersiveness.

No, the CG elements were not quite as visually refined as LoTR but I thought it was still good. Some CG elements were very realistic and highly detailed (Aslan was incredible) while others were a bit less real up close (example: the stupid fox that was never in the book). I thought the battle scenes were great and well directed—not as jerky with the camera as LoTR, so you could see what was going on (a bit less intense and less violent than LoTR too, better for younger kids).

The music was beautiful and set the mood for different scenes very well. Harry Gregson-Williams is a very talented composer and was a great pick.

Conclusion: It stuck pretty close to the story without too many additions or dramatic changes, was impressive, and I believe a true enough depiction of Narnia. 4.5/5 stars.


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