December 13, 2005

The Purpose

So Stanely Williams was excecuted in California this morning. This guy was a post-gang member, co-founder of the Cripts gang, who had murdered several people. And I see people outside protesting and crying for him, calling this a "state-sponsored murder." One guy said capital punishment was nothing but "politics, politics, politics."

Where's the logic? Yeah, the guy says he "redeemed himself" over his 20 years in jail and wrote children's books about not getting messed up in gangs. But did that bring the people he murdered back to life? No. But even without his seeming change, we still would've had people out there supporting him. Why? Some people seem to to think that excecutions are wrong because it's wrong to kill for any reason. They don't seem to get that showing that murderers will pay consequences would seriously stem the violence in this country.


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