April 06, 2006

One Mac to Rule Them All

A new day has dawned. Macs can now do Windows, too. It's called Boot Camp, and everybody's talking about it. Check out Walt Mossberg's article. Any of my slightest hesitations at buying a Mac are now gone without a trace. This will truly make Macs the most amazing, versatile machines out there. What more could you want? I just bought the Battle for Middle-Earth on sale for $15. I couldn't pass it up. The bad thing was, it's a PC game. Not a problem anymore. I know some Mac game developers are feeling a bit of pressure about now, but I'm totally stoked that I can now use Windows for apps that don't run on OS X. For Apple, I'd say the future looks bright.


Blogger Deg said...

I still can't believe they're running games on this... but it's working! Bwa ha ha! So... who's going to get my a MacBook Pro?

4:18 PM  

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